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Founded by Stephen McPherson in 2001, Alegra Safety has seen considerable growth in the last decade due to the increasing importance of Health and Safety standards both nationally and internationally

Based lit Perth. Western Australia. Alegra Safety Consultants work to the highest International standards assisting businesses throughout Australia. Asia and the Middle East in achieving a safer working environment.

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I was fortunate enough to work with Alegra Safety. As a young university student, Stephen (Director) took the time to teach me, mentor me and gradually introduced me to all parts of the business. He was patient, approachable and always there for me when I needed his support. His leadership skills are exceptional. He trusts his employees and provides timely and meaningful feedback, all of which have helped me shape my career goals and to increase my professional standing. I would highly recommend Alegra Safety to any potential employee as it is a good place to work, and to any client who strives to make a “safe” difference in the workplace. Under Stephen’s leadership, and the way he selects his employees and invests in their learning, I have no doubt that their services will positively contribute to the creation of Incident and Injury free workplace.

Maher Chiri Health and Safety Graduate at Rio Tinto

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